Fortel Successfully Delivering Projects in Key Sectors in UK’s Construction

Fortel is known for their services above and beyond recruitment. With a huge client list spread across key sectors in the UK’s Construction Industry, the company is known for delivering successful projects in the most efficient, cost effective and timely manner. CEO Sat Nijjer ensures that every project is accompanied by the best teams in the industry. Fortel can handle varied projects across the industry with major collaborations with Balfour Beatyy, Osborne, Birse and Volker Fitzpatrick in the Roads & Motorways sector. The company also has huge experience with the rail transport network and have worked on a major improvement programme for the Buckingham Group in Leeds. These and many more projects have been a part of Fortel’s crowning glory.

As part of their large-scale involvement with the retail sector, Fortel has delivered some of the biggest projects in the country in association with McLaren Construction along with ground works such as drainage, attenuation tanks and petrol interceptors for Morrison in Bridgewater. The company also takes pride in stating that they are qualified to work in the most secured defence environments such as the MOOG Aricraft Group and helped them with a new factory for Civil and Military Aerospace. They have also been working with major power giants such as Alstom, Clugston, Bam Nuttall, Kier and Vinci for over 5 years now. Their recent £3M Programme involves helping the GSE Group to create a new distribution and storage centre in Rugeley. Sports centres, country clubs, holiday parks, hotels, resorts and lodges, swimming pools, etc. were some of the successful projects in the hospitality sector.

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About based at London, United Kingdom established in 1998 is one of the largest suppliers of agency labor staff for the construction sector across the nation. They offer high volumes of labor with a very fast response across a broader spectrum of labor, trades and professionals.



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